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Searching the web for Glass Repair Near Me Melrose Park? We might be able to help! If there is a leak in your window, we can help you reduce and resolve it. We can also restore your windows to factory condition to fix them. Our goal is to completely restore your home or business to its original look. We will go over the entire repair and restoration process in more detail with a free rough quote via e-mail.

The more information you provide the better our services will be at the job. Sometimes, though, we’ll have to improvise as certain products don’t fit our needs or perform well under our pressure. Don’t worry, it’s nothing to be too upset about. Just don’t be afraid to ask about your quote on new glass units.

A Melrose Park IL Glass Co – The Glass Shark (866) 517-7740

Some of the issues we do to your windows include: cracked, stripped, dented, peeling, stained, damaged, damaged, split, broken, damaged, cracked and fogged windows, damaged, scratched, damaged, damaged, flaked and dented wood, cracked, glass broken or fogged. We can also repair your foreign made window. If you have a custom made window, including customized wood or stone trim, we can repair that too. We take pride in our work, so if you have any concerns with the work we do, please give us a call. We will walk you through our entire window repair process.

We are licensed, bonded and insured. We can install home and commercial windows in many different styles. We offer things like sliding and ventilated glass, heat-shedding and frost-shedding, and window to door glass. We can install windows for you and anyone else who lives in the home. We offer all of these options. We offer the best prices, especially for windows that you wouldn’t need any other type of window. That is why so many people in Melrose Park do business with us.

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